Self Care for New Moms

Self-Care Tips New Moms Should Definitely Practice

One of the biggest joys of a woman’s life is being a mother as she welcomes a new life into this world. Motherhood is a natural part of life and one of the purest relationships in the world, with its fair share of challenges.  From carrying a child in her womb for nine months to giving birth to a baby, a woman experiences a roller coaster of emotions and discomforts caused by the bodily and hormonal changes that are a bitter-sweet part of the ride. The outward and inward changes that a mother undergoes can leave a life-long impact on her well-being and, if left unattended, can cause serious emotional, mental, and physical damage. Hence, it’s important for new moms to self care for themselves as much as for their little bundles of joy. Here are five valuable tips that focus on a new mom’s physical and mental well-being.

1.   Heal Your Body and Mind

Pregnancy takes a toll on a woman’s mental and physical well-being beyond the commonly accepted discomforts, pains, and traumatic labor. It’s a common misconception that new mothers recover within six to eight weeks after childbirth. Most of the medical symptoms of pregnancy are harmless and disappear over time, but the constant physical changes like weight gain, breast enlargement/sagging, hormone-induced hair thinning, and the appearance of stretch marks leave many new moms with life-altering problems that make them self-conscious about their appearance. However, to address the issue of self-image in new moms, recent times have seen a considerable rise in the popularity of Mommy Makeovers.

Mommy Makeovers are a series of surgical procedures that help new moms return to their pre-pregnancy body shapes. These makeovers include a package of surgeries, like a tummy tuck or a basic breast lift, to give women a sense of positivity about their bodies. There are many options and variations of surgical procedures to choose from, and one should always make an informed decision through consultations with aesthetic surgery experts. Timing your surgeries is very important as it’s often wise to delay them till you are done having kids to avoid additional medical procedures and complications. Also, in the case of breast lifts and contouring, lactating moms should at least wait six months to a year after breastfeeding to allow for the ducts and tissues to settle. Pregnancy is a time of high stress and anxiety. Hence, working towards a positive self-image can help provide mental stability.

2.   Get Help

Looking after and caring for a newborn is a full-time job with endless nappy changes. And constant feeding and burping needs. New moms need time and rest to heal. There are many people who can help them during this time.

·      Spouse/Partner

The bond with a partner/spouse is a special one and is often the primary source of comfort. And support after childbirth for a woman. A partner’s display of strength and sharing of baby responsibilities and household chores can ease the post-partum period.

·      Family

Family members like parents, in-laws, and siblings need an excuse to be around the new member of the family. They offer great assistance to new parents by helping to look after the baby, cooking food, and doing household chores.

·      Friends

Close friends can help with errands and pay visits to provide a sense of normalcy. And social interaction to the isolated new moms.

·      Healthcare Providers

Ob/Gyn, midwives, nurses, doulas, lactation consultants, and therapists are experts in their fields. And they provide professional help to ease women into motherhood.

In a nutshell, new moms need to seek help and assistance from loved ones and professionals to address their unique postpartum issues.


Make Time For Yourself

3.   Make Time For Yourself

The importance of “me time” or self care for new moms cannot be stressed enough. Taking care of a newborn is a challenging job, and taking regular breaks from it is important for the mental and physical wellbeing of a mother. Getting much-needed rest and sleep after a pregnancy helps cut down on over-exhaustion. Squeezing out time for oneself is important, besides giving rest to the body, as it can be utilized by new moms for various rejuvenating purposes. It is the best time for new moms to pursue solitary pleasures such as soaking in hot bathtubs.

Indulge in a favorite pastime, like seeking comfort in a good old book, pampering yourself with a face mask. While listening to your favorite music, or exploring a new hobby to fight the baby blues. These simple acts of self-care may seem like little luxuries, but they should be enjoyed by new moms for a sound mind and healthy body.

4.   Get Active 

Finding the right balance between being active and resting is essential to the well-being of both the new moms and their babies. Opting for an active lifestyle offers numerous physical and mental benefits, as healing one’s body helps heal one’s mind. Consult a healthcare expert to plan out a customized exercise plan for your needs. Light postpartum exercises, meditation, and quiet walks help regain physical fitness by strengthening muscles. Staying active also helps elevate energy levels, enhance mood, promote cardiovascular health, and help maintain a healthy weight. An active new mom has more strength and energy to shine through the challenges of motherhood.

5.   Get Organized 

To be able to enjoy motherhood to the max, new moms need to be exceptionally organized. The demands of taking care of a child and adjusting to new routines can be extremely exhausting. Effective time management measures ensure the smooth implementation of new-mom routines. That include a healthy balance of both baby and mommy time. Organize your space and baby supplies/equipment, whether it’s in a nursery or any part of the house. To create a calm environment for both the baby and yourself. Cut down on the chaos that often follows the birth of a baby to keep stress levels in check. When you keep everything organized, you can focus more on enjoying moments with your baby instead of worrying about the next task.

Wrap up

Remember, self-care is not a luxury but a necessary part of a remarkable motherhood journey. Just because you’re a mother now doesn’t make you less human and more of a superhero – in fact, you need more care than ever. So, understand that spending time on oneself is not a selfish act. Investing time and effort in your wellbeing will positively impact your entire family. Only when you are mentally and physically fit can you take good care of your baby and shine as a new mom!


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