how to make powerpoint presentation

How to Make Powerpoint Presentation Attractive

While the prospects and territories of the utilization of Word or Excel are known to most clients, there is a ton of disarray about Microsoft PowerPoint. In the accompanying article, we will hence clarify what Microsoft PowerPoint is and what prospects and capacities the PowerPoint presentation offers.

In PowerPoint, you make any substance on slides, which you would then be able to present to a group of people slide by slide by means of a beamer or huge screen.

What is PowerPoint?

MS PowerPoint is a complete presentation graphics package of Microsoft Office.

Alongside Word, Outlook, and Excel, PowerPoint is probably going to be quite possibly the most often utilized projects from the Office portfolio and has a comparative market more important as Word or Excel.

Background knowledge: The first form showed up as right on time as 1984 under the name Presenter for the Apple Macintosh. It was subsequently gain by Microsoft and delivered in 1990 as PowerPoint for Windows.

These file formats are used by PowerPoint

As file format PowerPoint uses PPTX. For templates, POTX is use. Older versions (97 to 2003) still use PPT for templates and PPS for files. In addition, PowerPoint offers numerous export options for a presentation, which we will describe in detail under point 7.

The presentation software is accessible for the two Windows and macOS, and the records are viable with one another. An introduction made on a Windows PC can in this way additionally be played back on a Mac with PowerPoint and the other way around.

Other presentation software, for example, Impress from LibreOffice or Keynote from Apple, can open PowerPoint records, yet they don’t uphold all the capacities and alternatives. If all else fails, you ought to in this manner evade complex capacities, for example, activity, while making an introduction.

Applications of PowerPoint Presentation PPT

PowerPoint is utilized on a fundamental level for all regions of utilization, wherein the previous overhead projector tossed slides on the divider, which were to appear to a group of people as a strengthening crowd.

Presentations are important for regular office life today. Today, the Presentations tool assumes control over this undertaking and presents electronic slides to the crowd through a beamer or enormous screen.

The substance of the slides should uphold the theme or topic and guide the crowd through the introduction or imagine subtleties, for example, quarterly figures, photographs of items, cycles, or designs in a beneficial way.

Commonplace situations for the utilization of PowerPoint as a media device are, for instance, introductions on explicit themes, the introduction of work results or figures (deals, profit…), acquaintances with a workshop, introduction of another item or its presentation, and so on.

Because of its broad prospects, the introduction programming can likewise be utilized for an intelligent slide show for your folks’ 60th birthday celebration.

How to Make an Attractive PowerPoint Presentation


how to make Powerpoint presentation attractive


Microsoft PowerPoint works undifferentiated from the old overhead projector additionally with slides, which can be filled by the client with various components, for example, text, tables, illustrations, and even recordings and sounds. After the start, you see an empty slide, which you can design as you like.

In the menu bar, you will find numerous elements for the design such as text functions, shapes, colors, diagrams as well as functions for inserting images, weblinks, videos, or audio files.

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Quickly make a good PowerPoint Presentation Design

You can organize the components as you like, yet additionally, impact their conduct. For example, it is possible via animations that for an enumeration, not all points appear immediately, but point by point.

The moderator at that point needs to press a key each an ideal opportunity for the new focuses to show up. Further animation possibilities are for example “fly-in“, “zoom” or “fade out“.


good power point presentation design


Animations in PowerPoint

Less is more: There are always presentations that are overload with animations and effects. Many listeners are annoyed by too much animation. Therefore, be careful with the possibilities. In this article, you will find a lot of advice and design tips to make your presentation a success.

To make working with slides simpler, PowerPoint as of now offers different slide formats for the presentation, texts, and content, images, comparisons, etc.

Slide layouts in PowerPoint

For a uniform appearance, PowerPoint additionally offers various formats that use the same fonts, colors, and design elements.

PowerPoint Presentation Templates


various design of microsoft powerpoint templates


You can choose from numerous templates with different designs.

Customize layouts of the slide master

However, you can likewise make your own templates through a slide master, which are kept in the corporate plan of your organization, and utilize repeating components, for example, a company logo or colors utilized on all slides.


layouts of slide


9 Ways to make PowerPoint Presentation more Interesting

ways to make powerpoint presentation interesting


1. Timeline in PowerPoint

Notwithstanding straightforward slides with text and pictures, PowerPoint offers numerous other design alternatives. For instance, you can make a timetable and use it to more readily imagine the succession of processes or events.

2. Create an agenda in PowerPoint

For more design – particularly in broad introductions – PowerPoint likewise offers the likelihood to make a plan with a couple of tricks.

3. WordArt in PowerPoint

For text impacts, all things considered, the WordArt function is likewise accessible in PowerPoint. It makes 3D content with fills, forms, and drop shadows, and can likewise be modifie utilizing various sorts of shapes.

4. Organizational charts, lists, processes, and diagrams

On the off chance that you need to make hierarchical diagrams in PowerPoint presentation, the SmartArt highlight will help you. Utilizing this, which is accessible in all Office programs, you can without much of a stretch make authoritative graphs with various chains of hierarchy levels or pyramids.

5. SmartArt for graphs, organization diagrams, and then some

The SmartArt device likewise offers appropriate formats for measures, records, cycles, or relationships. The counterpart to SmartArt is the diagram function. With its help, you can visualize all kinds of numbers without having to create the chart in Excel first. PowerPoint can also create charts without Excel.

As soon as you select a chart type, PowerPoint displays a table for the categories and number series in the presentation, which you can fill in. You can change the form of the chart via various quick templates in the toolbar, the colors via already coordinated color combinations, and also change the data and column values directly.

6. Animations in PowerPoint

There is a wide scope of various animations. Animations allow you to move, appear or hide any objects such as text, shapes, or other elements on a slide.

PowerPoint distinguishes in animation for the entrance and exit of an object as well as the emphasis of an object. The application is very simple. You select the object in question and then choose one of the desired animations. For each animation, you can still specify the duration, delay, and start of the animation.

7. Animation paths for moving objects

Often “On click” is use here. However, chain animations with “with previous” or “after previous” are also possible. You can also set trigger events, for example when clicking on a certain word or graphic. An example of the possibilities would be a graphic in a PowerPoint presentation.

When you click on it, the graphic zooms in or a larger image appears in the presentation, which then fades out the next time you click on it. Another feature of animation is animation paths, where objects move on predetermined paths or according to patterns in the presentation. PowerPoint knows many possibilities for this.

8. Transitions between slides

Transitions between individual slides can also be customised. PowerPoint offers a large selection of transitions here, as is also known from video editing programs or software for slide shows.

9. Show developer tools in PowerPoint

For experienced users, PowerPoint also offers a macro function. You can use it to record sequences and easily repeat them. However, you have to show the macro functions first. To do this, switch to the options under File. In the section “Customize ribbon” you have to activate the tab “Developer tools“.

Presentation of created PowerPoint PPT files

how to present microsoft power point ppt files


Using the keyboard, a mouse, or a special presenter, you then control the flow of the presentation and switch from slide to slide. If there are animations like “appear” or other events defined on a slide, they will be activate only after pressing a key or on the presenter.

Advantages of a Presenter:

Especially for presentations there are presenters in the trade, which replace the keyboard and mouse with a radio receiver via USB. The handy devices, which also include a color pointer, usually offer functions for “Forward”, “Back” as well as fade out and fade in the slide.

Prices start from 10 euros. Better models even have a card reader in the receiver, so can also be used as a USB stick for the PowerPoint presentation.

During the presentation, you can either see a copy of the slides on the notebook or use a special speaker view. Here you can see the current slide, the following slide, your annotations to each slide as well as a timer. The audience, on the other hand, will only see the current slide on the beamer.

Free usage options and alternatives

PowerPoint Online is used in the browser

Microsoft PowerPoint is used with the free trial version of Microsoft Office for 30 days. At you can also use PowerPoint Online with a Microsoft account.

This is a slimmed-down online version of the software, which is used directly in the browser but should be sufficient for many tasks.

Impress as a free alternative

A free alternative is, for example, Impress as part of OpenOffice and LibreOffice. This presentation software is based on PowerPoint in terms of operation but does not offer all the functions and options.

For Mac systems, Keynote is the first choice, which is even offered for free and shines above all with its ease of use.

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View Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation files without PowerPoint

If you want to view a PowerPoint file without owning the program itself, there used to be a PowerPoint viewer directly from Microsoft.

However, this is no longer maintaine and is still up to date with Office 2010 and is also only suitable for 32-bit systems. Therefore, you can only fall back on one of the variants mentioned under point 6.

For Windows 10, there is also PowerPoint Mobile in the store, in addition to Word Mobile and Excel Mobile. This is a slimmed-down version, but it can be used well as a viewer.

However, you need a valid Office 365 subscription to edit PowerPoint files in PowerPoint Mobile.


We recommend accessing PowerPoint Online directly from Microsoft, as the web solution requires no installation and displays existing presentations very nicely.

Alternatively, you can also export a PowerPoint file and select PDF as the target format. The slides are then each converted into a PDF page and viewed with any PDF viewer or even in the browser.

Output as individual images such as PNG or JPG for each slide is also possible.

Save presentations as PDF

PowerPoint is also able to save a presentation as a video file when exporting. You can choose from different formats and resolutions. Such files can be played on any device just like PDF.

Few Quick Tips to do PowerPoint Presentation For class

tips to do powerpoint presentation for class


  • Use the slide master feature to form a regular and easy style model. It’s fine to vary the content presentation (i.e., bulleted list, 2-column text, text & image), however, be in keeping with different components like font, colours, and background.
  • Simplify and limit the number of words on every screen. Use key phrases and include solely essential data.
  • Limit punctuation and avoid golf stroke words altogether capital letters. The empty area on the slide can enhance readability.
  • Use contrastive colours for text and background. Light-weight text on a dark background is best. Brindled backgrounds will scale back the readability of text.
  • Avoid the utilization of flashy transitions like text fly-ins. These options could appear spectacular initially, however, area units distracting and acquire previous quickly.
  • Overuse of lighting tricks like animation and sounds might build your PowerPoint presentation “cutesy” and will negatively impact your credibility.
  • Use sensible quality pictures that reinforce and complement your message. Make sure that your image maintains its impact and determination once projected on a bigger screen.
  • If you employ builds (lines of text showing whenever you click the mouse), have content seem on the screen in an exceedingly consistent, straightforward manner; From the highest or left is best. solely “build” screens once necessary to form your purpose as a result of builds will slow your presentation.

Extra Tip

  • Limit the number of slides. Presenters who perpetually “flip” to successive slide area units doubtless lose their audience. a decent rule of thumb is one slide per minute.
  • Learn to navigate your presentation in an exceedingly non-linear fashion. PowerPoint permits the presenter to leap ahead or back while not having to page through all the interim slides.
  • Know a way to apply moving forward and backwards at intervals of your PowerPoint presentation. Audiences usually raise to ascertain the previous screen once more.
  • If potential, read your slides on the screen and be exploited for your presentation. Confirm slides area unit clear from the rear row seats. Text and graphical pictures ought to be massive enough to scan, but not thus massive on seeming “loud.”
  • Have a thought B in the event of technical difficulties. bear in mind that transparency and handouts won’t show animation or different lighting tricks.
  • Practice with somebody who has ne’er seen your presentation. Raise them for honest feedback concerning colours, content, and any effects or graphical pictures you’ve enclosed.
  • Do not speak to your slides. Several presenters face the direction of their presentation instead of their audience.
  • Do not apologize for love or money in your presentation. If you think one thing is going to be exhausting to scan or perceive, don’t use it.
  • When potential, run your presentation from the magnetic disk instead of a magnetic disc. Running from a magnetic disc might slow your presentation.

What does one need to understand concerning PowerPoint?

With style, design, and presentation processes beneath your belt, you’ll be able to do a great deal a lot of with PowerPoint than simply displays for your shoppers. PowerPoint and similar slide applications are versatile tools that ought to not forget. With an excellent model, you’ll be able to get on your thanks to making displays that wow your audience.

You have seen a way to build a respectable PowerPoint, however, we wish for your feedback. PowerPoint tips helped you improve your presentation the most. Let me know in the comments below.


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