7 days egg diet plan for weight loss

7-Day Egg Diet Plan for Weight Loss

Have you been trying to lose your weight by following a strict diet plan? If yes! Then you must have tried numerous methods to make yourself slim. But have you tried to follow the egg diet plant? Before that, did you even hear about it? If not! Then you are at the right place. This article about 7 day boiled egg diet plan for weight loss will serve as a perfect guide for all who want to lose weight and keep themselves healthy. So, let’s get started.

An egg diet is a meal plan that includes only eggs and vegetables for 7 days. Eggs are high in protein and contain all essential amino acids. Vegetables, on the other hand, are high in nutrients ahnd vitamins and low in fiber.

It was in 1894 when Dr. Edward Hooker Dewey introduced the first known egg diet as a way to shed some pounds. Nowadays, the egg diet plan typically spans over seven days and includes a combination of eggs and vegetables. With no modifications to the meal plan one week before or after those seven days. As every individual has different requirements based on their height, sex, and level of activity, the number of calories and servings will vary accordingly.

What is Boiled Egg Diet Plan

The egg diet is a 7-day diet that consists solely of eggs and vegetables. Eggs contain all of the essential amino acids and are high in protein. In contrast, vegetables are high in fibre and vitamins while being low in calories.

Back in 2015, a team of researchers reevaluated the plausible gains of a particular meal regimen. They referred to evidence supporting that consuming a considerable amount of protein could potentially deter metabolic syndrome, corpulence, type 2 diabetes, and cardio-vascular illnesses due to arteriosclerosis.

Around four decades ago, the egg diet underwent a successful test run initiated by the well-known and influential British politician Margaret Thatcher, famously dubbed as the ‘Iron Lady’. Her goal was to achieve her peak physical form in order to secure her position as the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom back in 1979. Therefore, she opted to turn to the egg diet for assistance. She is said to have lost nine kilos in just two weeks.

With a dream figure for an election victory: The ‘Iron Lady’ Margaret Thatcher demonstrated that an egg diet can help shed pounds. But is it really healthy to eat almost exclusively eggs for weeks?

The first documented 7 day boiled egg diet was around 1894 when Dr Edward Hooker Dewey popularized it to promote weight loss.

The modern-day egg diet meal plan consists of eggs and vegetables for 7 days with no changes to the diet for 1 week before or after the 7 days. The number of calories and servings will vary depending on the individual’s sex, height, and activity level.

Why Does the Egg Diet Plan Work?

Eggs, a vital source of protein and other fundamental nutrients, can aid in your quest to trim down your body weight and boost your overall health. The scientific study substantiates that individuals who ingest eggs in the morning tend to abstain from consuming a surplus of calories come night-time. The reason is that eggs have incredible satiating properties, quelling your hunger for an extended period of time.

Incorporating eggs into every meal is the key to the effective one-week egg diet plan, as it provides all the essential nutrients your body requires while simultaneously keeping your calorie intake to a minimum. This potent combination of nutrients and low calories is what sets this diet plan apart.

Typically, the diet is followed for a week, providing a viable framework to nourish and fuel your body. This eating regimen isn’t solely about feeling famished or being constrained by your food choices. It’s about taking control of your well-being and incorporating eggs into your regular meals to obtain the essential nutrients necessary for overall health and sustainable weight loss. The reason this program is effective is due to the potent constituents found in eggs and greens. They work simultaneously to nourish your body while expediting fat loss.

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How Does the Egg Diet Plan Work?

how does 7 day egg diet plan help you in weight loss

The 7 day boiled egg diet will help you lose up to 10 pounds in one week by eating only eggs and veggies for one whole week!

Take note, that although the regimen of consuming eggs can speed up your weight reduction objective, it is not a viable and reliable resolution for lasting weight loss. Moreover, there are other significant factors to take into account:

  • The egg based meal plan may not bring about an adequate mixture or equilibrium in your nutritional regime, as it predominantly relies on eggs and veggies.
  • Ensuring that you reap an ample supply of nutrients and vitamins is of utmost importance. Specifically, if you have any fundamental medical conditions or if you find yourself with a child or nursing.
  • Eating an excess of eggs could potentially heighten your likelihood of having high cholesterol or other medical predicaments. So it’s crucial to supervise your consumption and confer with a healthcare professional if you have any doubts.

Overall, if you are looking to lose weight quickly and are considering the egg diet, it is important to do so under the guidance of a healthcare provider and to consider incorporating other healthy lifestyle changes for sustainable long-term weight loss.

Is the 7 Day Egg Diet Plan Recommended for Weight Loss?

how does egg diet plan good for weight loss

The boiled egg diet plan for 7 days is a highly celebrated weight loss scheme that has garnered quite a following in modern times. This program entails consuming a combination of eggs and water for a full week, yet there is no assurance that it will lead to enduring weight loss outcomes.

This dietary scheme functions for a brief duration exclusively. Its efficacy may not prevail over a prolonged period. Moreover, an individual should refrain from consuming solely eggs for a week. However, you could incorporate eggs into your regular menu more frequently by adding a piece of the “Iron Lady.”

A study by Saint Louis University in the US state of Missouri found more than ten years ago that breakfast eggs can help heavyweight people lose weight.

A balanced life cannot be achieved with this approach, and it is not advisable for prolonged periods. This is because reverting to the regular routine would result in weight gain, rendering the weight loss ineffective.

How the 7 Day Egg Diet Plan Works

Eggs, being loaded with protein, vitamin D, riboflavin, vitamin B12, and vitamin A, are a phenomenal wellspring of nourishment. This meal regimen has been exclusively tailored to facilitate the shedding of pounds through the limitation of calorie intake. When on this diet, you have the liberty to consume eggs in whatever quantity you feel like! Moreover, it is facile to stick to.

Between meals: drink, drink, drink! Especially water and tea with lemon or lime juice to meet vitamin C requirements. For the little hunger in between 1 apple (per day) and/or a handful of berries (e.g. raspberries or blueberries).

Sometimes it is difficult to come up with a diet plan yourself. You now know which foods are allowed or prohibited. So that you can get started right away, here is a possible 7 day boiled egg diet plan for a week:

7 day egg diet plan infographic


  • Breakfast: Two boiled eggs + Orange
  • Lunch: 2 Whole Wheat Bread with Salad
  • Dinner: Steamed Chicken + Salad


  • Breakfast: Two Boiled Eggs + Tomatoes
  • Lunch: 1 Whole Wheat Bread + Salad + Low Fat Cheese
  • Dinner: Two Boiled Eggs + Orange


  • Breakfast: Two Boiled Eggs + Salad
  • Lunch: Only Fruit
  • Dinner: 2 Boiled Eggs + Salad


  • Breakfast: Two Boiled Eggs + Seasonal Fruit
  • Lunch: Only Chicken + Salad
  • Dinner: Only Fruits


  • Breakfast: Two Boiled Eggs only
  • Lunch: 2 Boiled Eggs + Steamed Veggies
  • Dinner: Grilled Fish + Salad


  • Breakfast: Two Boiled Eggs + Orange
  • Lunch: Steamed Chicken + Salad
  • Dinner: Only Fruits


  • Breakfast: Two Boiled Eggs + watermelon
  • Lunch: Steamed Veggies + Chicken + Salad
  • Dinner: Steamed Veggies

Recommendations for Success:

To maximize the benefits of the week-long egg diet regimen, here are some suggestions to bear in mind:

  • Hydrate often: Maintaining adequate hydration is beneficial for shedding pounds and boosting overall wellness.
  • Commit to physical activity: Engaging in at least light workouts can facilitate weight loss and enhance overall health.
  • Elude processed foods: Opting for whole, unprocessed victuals yields superior outcomes.
  • Demonstrate perseverance: Achieving optimal outcomes necessitates adhering to the dietary plan for the entire week.
  • Seek counsel from your doctor: Prior to embarking on any novel dietary plan, it’s imperious to seek guidance from your physician to ascertain that it’s secure for you.

Egg Diet Plan: What is Allowed and What is Not?

Eggs, being an exceptional origin of proteins, and valuable fats, apart from comprising of vitamins A, B6, B12, and many other necessary nutrients, are truly a marvelous nutrient. Not to mention, eggs are relatively economical. Once you adapt to this 7-day boiled egg diet plan, it will certainly furnish you with breakfast, lunch, and dinner, all having ample protein and nutritious fats but minimal carbohydrates.

What to Eat on the Egg Diet Plan

The 7-day boiled egg diet plan is known for its effectiveness in weight loss. If you’re planning to embark on this journey, here’s a rundown of the meal plan you should follow:

  • Eggs: you are allowed to consume eggs in any form – boiled, poached, scrambled, or fried with minimal oil or butter. They are an excellent source of quality protein that will keep you full for longer.
  • Protein: In addition to eggs, you can also include other lean protein sources like chicken, fish, and turkey. This macronutrient is critical for aiding muscle restoration and growth.
  • Vegetables: Consuming vegetables is one of the best things you can do for your body. They are an excellent source of fiber, vitamins, and minerals. You can either eat them raw, steamed or grilled to gain the most nutrients.
  • Fruits: While most fruit items are usually high in carbs, it is possible to enjoy some low-carb fruits like berries, which also contain antioxidants that help your body function properly.
  • Healthy Fats: It’s crucial that you consume healthy fats that are beneficial to your body. You can get these from sources like avocados, nuts, and olive oil, all of which are rich in unsaturated fatty acids that can help to reduce bad cholesterol levels and improve heart health.

By following this meal plan diligently, you can expect to see significant results in your weight loss journey.

What to Avoid on the Egg Diet Plan

For optimum results from the 7-day boiled diet meal plan, it is crucial to steer clear of specific food items. Below are the foods to evade:

  • Carbs: This meal program has low carb content, hence, keeping away from carb-rich foods like rice, bread, and pasta is imperative.
  • Sweeteners: Sweeteners have a high caloric value and can potentially lead to weight gain. Therefore, steer clear of sweets such as candy, desserts, and soda.
  • Manufactured Foods: These foods often contain high calories, unhealthy fats, and additives. It’s preferable to opt for whole, natural meals instead.

Disadvantages of the 7 Day Egg Diet Plan:

The Egg Diet Plan for 7 days is an intriguing and impactful diet with claims to be able to help with dropping up to 7 lbs in a mere 7 days. This impressive slimming effect comes primarily from the exceptionally potent egg whites that pack a powerful protein punch. Research has demonstrated that the beneficial influence of egg whites stimulates metabolism and encourages constructive effects on weight loss.

In spite of this regimen’s touted benefits, there are seven distinct drawbacks to adhering to it.

  • The primary obstacle of this diet is that you are limited to solely drinking water for a full week, extricating any ingestion of food or other drinkables.
  • Secondarily, a multitude of foods are not permissible, including fruits, vegetables, grains, cheese, and milk.
  • Tertiary, an increase in protein intake is required, assuaging the body’s acclimation to ingesting fewer carbohydrates.
  • Lastly, adhering to this regime can be particularly arduous for those with medical conditions, such as diabetes, without prior approval from their physician.

2 Week Egg Diet Plan Results: My Experience

Here’s my take on it:

In the ensuing piece, I’ll divulge my personal encounter in adopting a 7-day egg diet centering on candled eggs. In a fortnight, I succeeded in shedding 10 units of weight. The boiled egg nutritional strategy is a prevalent dietary routine across the globe, not just for its appetizing quality, but more so for the copious nutrients eggs provide.

Eggs are a good source of protein, vitamins, and minerals. The boiled egg diet consists of eating nothing but eggs for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks for 7-14 days. The diet is considered very low in carbohydrates and high in protein which helps to lose weight quickly.

  1. Initially, I was struck with dizziness and a queasy sensation after ingesting the eggs for each meal on Day One.
  2. However, following Day Two, my palate seemed to grow accustomed to their presence and I even began to yearn for them!
  3. When Day Three arrived, my stomach was already feeling delighted! In addition to improved digestion, I observed that I had a greater level of vigor than prior.

Furthermore, an added advantage consists of the sensation of reduced bloating upon consuming meals. By the conclusion of the 14-day duration, a desirable outcome materialized with a reduction of 10 pounds in weight.


This eating regimen based on eggs over the course of one week is an uncomplicated yet efficacious strategy to shed some pounds. It ensures that your body receives all the crucial nutrients for optimal health while keeping you satiated with each meal. With eggs as a staple in every dish, you can stay comfortable and sated without consuming excessive calories. It is essential to keep yourself hydrated and active while avoiding any overly processed foodstuff for the best outcomes. Strive to adhere to the program for the entire week to observe the most substantial and visible changes. I trust that this composition will provide you with valuable insights on your journey towards weight loss.

I hope this article will help you with weight loss! My best wishes to you.


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