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How to Keep Everyone Happy and Healthy on Your Movie Set

Producing a movie is an incredibly exciting part of any filmmaker’s career, whether it is their first or fiftieth movie. However, keeping everything on track can be stressful. Keeping everyone happy and healthy on a movie set is extremely important. Both so that your movie goes well and is a success and to ensure that you are not on the wrong end of future lawsuits. If you are concerned about your cast and crew’s safety and welfare on set. Here are some of the best ways that you can make your production a great project to work on for all and check that everyone remains in one piece.

Carry Out a Risk Assessment

The first step that you can take to ascertain everybody’s health and safety is to carry out a risk assessment. This document should include every single element of your production. That could cause harm to someone on your set or a member of the public, including falls and even disease. By carrying out this risk assessment, you will be able to make yourself and others aware of the common hazards and take action to stop them from affecting your production.

If you are hiring out a space, the company in question might also ask to see your risk assessment to protect themselves. You should make sure that you do not leave anything out of your risk assessment. No matter how small it is, and that you return to this document throughout filming. It is also important to carry out this risk assessment well in advance so that you have the time you need to make any necessary changes to how you work.

Carry Out a Risk Assessment


Invest in Extra Shoelaces

When you are on your set, it is likely that not all your costumes will withstand the pressures of filming. Some of this costuming is more important than other pieces, though. Although you might think that shoelaces are interchangeable, a lack of shoelaces, or damaged shoelaces, could lead to major problems for your actors.

Your actors might even end up tripping over these laces, slipping on the ground, or being unable to walk around if they do not have working shoelaces that fit their footwear. This means you should keep a stock of extra shoelaces on set to prevent accidents. It will also mean that you are not caught out if an actor’s shoelaces start to get worn down. Luckily, you can get shoes laces from MWS that meet the needs of your film movie set.

Invest in Protective Gear

You should think about investing in protective gear for your movie set. Such as knee pads for actors who have to fall to the floor. It is not just your actors that have to be protected, though; you should also consider investing in protective gear that all your crew and production team can wear when performing potentially dangerous activities.

This might include equipment such as earplugs when you are dealing with loud noises. You might also consider keeping some masks aside in case there is another surge of COVID-19 or in case your team members would feel more comfortable wearing one. This can also prevent illness from affecting your cast and the people behind your production.

Take Out Insurance

When you are making a movie that could cause injury to the people working on it, you should make sure that taking out insurance is high on your priority list. This insurance can ensure that there are no financial repercussions if your actors fall ill or injure themselves or if your equipment is lost or stolen.

Not only this, but your insurance should also include employer’s liability and professional indemnity insurance. Which are common types of insurance for businesses that employ others. You should always look at exactly what your insurance covers before you take it out. Though, or you might find that you are not protected in the event of an emergency.

Buy First Aid Materials

You should also always have first aid materials on your set that all can easily access. This can prevent accidents from being more serious than they should be and enable everyone to get the medical attention they need for minor injuries.

You should tell everyone on your set where these first aid items are so they can be reached quickly when needed. You should also ensure that a few people on your set have first aid training. So that you always have someone who knows what to do around. And that your actors and crew will know that they are in safe hands.

Buy First Aid Materials


Hire a Health and Safety Professional

You might also consider weighing up the pros of hiring a health and safety professional. Although they could take a chunk out of your budget, a health and safety professional will be able to act as a live risk assessor. And will be able to establish that you are staying compliant with the most up-to-date rules and regulations.

Not only this, but they can constantly check on your actions and their welfare, which can put your cast at ease. When you are looking to employ someone, you should try to find a worker who has had experience on movie set. Before and who you believe you will be able to work alongside.

Make Certain Everyone Knows What They Are Doing

It is vital that everyone knows what they are doing when they are on your set. This often takes a great deal of communication on your part. Rather than rushing into a shot, you should ask your crew and actors whether they know where they are going. And how to operate the equipment that they are using. Failure to give clear instructions could leave people with injuries. Especially when you are working with dangerous elements such as explosives. You should also get everyone the training they require when they are on your set. Including instructions for using certain weaponry. By focusing on your training, your cast and crew will be able to keep themselves safe and your movie will look better and more professional for it.


Use Stunt Doubles

Use Stunt Doubles

In cases where your actors are not trained to do stunts or you cannot give them the time to do their own stunts and insure them for this, you should use stunt doubles. Stunt doubles are experienced professionals who can do all the fighting, leaping, and car chasing for your action heroes. Leaving your main actors unscathed during the making of your movie. Stunt doubles can be particularly important if your actors have a health condition, are uncomfortable, or fear doing certain stunts for your movie.


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