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Creating Lasting Memories: Vegan Christmas Traditions for Moms

As Christmas rolls around the corner, it can be particularly challenging to commit to your vegan lifestyle traditions, especially if you want your children to have the traditional holiday experience. However, there’s no need to hit pause on your conscientious way of life to have a memorable time. You and your family can still eat tasty treats, snuggle up in sweaters, and partake in month-long merrimaking, even if you’ve gone vegan.

We’ve compiled a few cruelty-free approaches to classic Christmas traditions, allowing you to stay true to yourself while making memories with your loved ones.

Bake Vegan Goodies

Resist the temptation of non-vegan treats by whipping up plant-based alternatives to classic desserts. Fill your home with the smell of freshly baked goods, infusing a vegan twist into Christmas favorites like fruitcakes and gingerbread men.

Enlist your kids as your trusty elves, assigning them age-appropriate tasks such as creating shapes with cookie cutters. Give them the freedom to put their creative spin on your vegan goodies, such as sprinkling peppermint candy on top of cupcakes.

And remember, don’t take it too seriously! Rather than aiming for perfection, have fun with it. Your fun baking session will surely be etched in your kids’ memories for many Christmases to come.

Go Shopping for Vegan Christmas Gifts

Gift shopping is an integral part of the holiday experience, adding to you and your kids’ excitement in the lead-up to Christmas day. But amidst the thrill of picking out the perfect gift, it’s crucial to closely examine each option, as many products are made of animal-derived materials.

To stay aligned with your principles, choose gifts such as a pebble grain vegan leather purse, faux silk bedsheets, or makeup from beauty brands that don’t test on animals. Extend your conscientious choice to your packing materials, favoring sustainable options that won’t wreak havoc on the ecosystem when they eventually end up in landfills.

Show Off Your Ugly Vegan Christmas Sweaters

The Christmas season is your only chance to get away with wearing an ugly sweater! Embrace the cheer by picking out holiday ‘fits with your kids, opting for pieces featuring pompoms, punny statements, and classic Christmas motifs. The uglier, the better!

However, instead of wearing wool sweaters, be a sustainable shopper and choose sustainable pieces crafted from plant-based materials, such as cotton and linen. Wool isn’t aligned with veganism due to the cruel practices associated with its production.

Traditional Christmas Decorations


Drink Vegan Hot Cocoa While Watching Classic Christmas Flicks

No Christmas is truly complete without watching at least one classic holiday movie, be it Elf, The Grinch, or Home Alone. Gather everyone in the living room for a chill evening of iconic films, enhancing the coziness with cups of hot chocolate. This cold-weather drink can easily be given a vegan twist by substituting regular milk with non-dairy milk like almond or soy.

To top it off, sprinkle your concoction with mini marshmallows or add fluff with coconut whipped cream. And if the holiday season is becoming a bit overwhelming, why not add a splash of alcohol to your cup of cocoa? Don’t worry—you won’t end up on Santa’s naughty list!

Craft Your Own Vegan Christmas Candles

This season, plan a candle-crafting afternoon with your little ones, offering an experience they’ll treasure forever. Not only does it foster their creativity, but it also instills a sense of involvement in the holiday preparations. Plus, nothing is quite as festive as filling your home with notes of cinnamon, pine, and peppermint!

All you need to do is prepare your materials, including containers, popsicles, wicks, oils, and wax. To make sure your candles are free from any animal byproducts, remember to trade traditional beeswax for soy. From there, simply guide your kids through the process as they mix, pour, and decorate their creations with elements like dried fruits and cinnamon sticks.

Volunteer at a Vegan Food Bank

Make memories while imparting life lessons to your kids by volunteering at a food bank. Compared to conventional food banks, these places cater specifically to individuals who’ve chosen a plant-based diet. Through these charities, you and your children can help prepare meals, collect donations, and distribute care baskets containing only cruelty-free items. It’s a wonderful way to support fellow vegans who wish to celebrate Christmas without going against their conscientious lifestyles.

Decorate Your Tree Sustainably

One of the traditions your children will always remember is decorating the Christmas tree. In the lead-up to the holidays, spend an afternoon with the entire family to set up your tree. Decorate it with tinsel, ornaments, lights, and everything else that glitters, making it reflect your family’s tastes and personalities.

As veganism is closely intertwined with sustainability, make the deliberate choice to decorate your tree in an eco-friendly way. If you’ve decided to get a real tree, source it from local farms to reduce carbon emissions from transportation. Reuse last year’s decor or borrow from family to breathe new life into your tree’s aesthetic. If you must buy brand-new ornaments, select ones designed to last generations in order to reduce waste.

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Make Christmas Memories Aligned with Your Vegan Lifestyle

Committing to a vegan lifestyle doesn’t mean that you and your children can’t experience this season’s beloved traditions. By infusing classic activities with a vegan twist, you can craft cherished memories without compromising your beliefs. Consider adding these traditions to your schedule, making Christmas a time of the year that your children will always treasure.


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