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Bible Verses | What the Bible Is All About?

The Bible consists of 2 sections, the Old Testament and New Testament with 66 books and lots of chapters. With most material, what do we tend to concentrate on when we study the Bible and verses?

To know what a book is regarding, you’ll typically look at its table of contents for a clue.

But this doesn’t extremely work with the Bible. Once you cross-check its table of contents, you see a listing of 66 books. However, that list doesn’t tell you a lot regarding the topic of the Bible.

So moving on from the table of contents, you’ll take a fast tour and browse the pages to induce a pity the contents of the Bible. You see plenty of fascinating, exciting, touching, even grievous stories. you discover rising poetry within the Psalms and encounter confusing sections within the books of the prophets. And that’s simply the Old Testament.

Continuing on, you’ll skim through the will and notice accounts of Jesus Christ, stories of the first apostles, writings to completely different folks, and eventually, the mysterious last book, Revelation.

After your fast tour, you would possibly raise yourself, what’s the most focus of the Bible? What’s the Bible very about?

An obscure answer

“What is that the Bible about?” might sound like an odd question. After all, even folks who’ve ne’er scan the Bible in all probability have an inspiration that it’s a book regarding God. and extremely typically speaking, that’s true.

But if we tend to as believers additionally say, “The Bible is regarding God,” what specifically will we mean?


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What Bible teaches us through Verses

the bible verses

The Bible itself teaches us what the main subject is, Let’s check a few verses:

1. Matthew 1:1

This is the genealogy of Jesus the Messiah the son of David, the son of Abraham.

These gap words of the New Testament like a shot notify us that the topic of the New Testament isn’t a factor or an occurrence however an exquisite Person, Jesus Christ.

Jesus Christ is the true and living God who became a true man. He came to accomplish redemption for us and to offer us His eternal life. By His life growing in us, we tend to become His expression to satisfy His purpose.

So Jesus Christ is that the subject of the will, however what regarding the testament? what’s the recent Testament about?

2. Luke 24:44

Everything must be fulfilled that is written about me in the Law of Moses, the Prophets and the Psalms.

The Lord Redeemer spoke these words to His disciples once He was crucified and resurrected. Why did He mention the Law of Moses, the Prophets, and therefore the Psalms? The note on this verse within the New Testament Recovery Version is incredibly helpful:

The Saviour’s word here unveils that the Old Testament could be a revelation of Him which he’s its center and content.”

Notice the words in this verse. Though we tend to don’t see the name Jesus Christ within the Old Testament, the Lord tells us that he’s, in fact, the topic and content of the Old Testament.

In the Old Testament, the next coming Christ is unconcealed through several stories, prophecies, types, figures, and shadows. And in the New Testament, Christ comes because of the fulfilment of all that was unconcealed of Him in the Old Testament.

So each the Old and New Testaments reveal Jesus Christ; Redeemer Christ is that the centre and content of all the Scriptures.

3. Revelation 22:21

The grace of the Lord Jesus be with God’s people. Amen.

Here once more we tend to see the name, Jesus. Jesus is that the forename spoken of in the New Testament, and it’s additionally the last. By the first and last Bible verses within the New Testament Matthew 1:1 and Revelation 22:21, we will see that its focus and main content is that the beautiful Person, Jesus Christ.

Revelation 22:21 isn’t simply the last verse of the New Testament. It’s additionally the concluding word of the complete Bible. The Bible’s final word is regarding the Lord Jesus, not such a large amount of different things. thus throughout all 66 books, from first to last, Jesus Christ is the subject of the Bible. Jesus Christ is that the answer to the question, what’s the Bible about?


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The most important factor in the Bible

As believers, we should always have quite simply an obscure or general concept that the Bible is regarding God. This God, the eternal one, in time became a person, Jesus Christ. The Bible abounds intimately regarding Jesus: His nature, His living, His accomplishments, His salvation. The Old Testament and the New Testament are filled with revelation regarding Him!

If we tend to notice that the complete Bible has targeted Christ as its main subject, verses and content, then we tend to additionally are targeted Him after we return to God’s Word. rather than obtaining distracted from Christ amid all the stories and fewer vital matters within the Bible, we’ll actively hunt for Him within the Word.

We’ll then discover a distinct and specific wealth of Christ in each of the recent and New Testaments. Our appreciation of our pricey Lord Redeemer can increase as we tend to discover simply wonderful he’s in God’s Word.


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